Dry Ice
When you require a cooling medium that can go the distance, Desert Ice dry ice is perfect for the task. Dry ice is composed of frozen carbon dioxide at a temperature of minus 109 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives it the power to keep material colder and longer than block ice or cubes, with twice the cooling capacity per Kg and three times the cooling capacity per volume. Melted dry ice transforms into a gas, which makes for no mess and no clean up. This distinctive melting process also produces a unique fog, which has long made dry ice a favorite for producing special effects for movies, the stage, and all manner of theatrical and special productions. When you have special cooling needs Desert Ice dry ice has the answer.
בלוקי קרח
Looking for a gimmick that will upgrade your event but also help you maintain your drinking / meat / ice cream / ice cream better quality throughout the entire event? Dry ice is definitely the perfect solution for you - call us and we will promote your event 08-6337725
Useful in dry ice
Dry ice are used in packaging and shipping to various industries.
Food packaging and distribution
Dry ice is recommended for transporting frozen food (0 - 20 - ° C),
such as ice cream and meat, especially for a longtime - two or more.
Medical specimens, and drug distribution
Dry ice is often used to transport medical specimens (tissue, blood, etc.)
and temperature-sensitive medications during transport.
Garages / workshops
Cooling metal bushings so that they would shrink to enter a particular drill.
When the bushing back down to ambient temperature it expands and tightens drilled.
Dry Ice - Safety
Dry ice is solid state of carbon dioxide (CO2 Fd"h). Dry ice looks similar to ice formed from water, but much colder
from it - its temperature about-78C. Unlike water-based ice, it is not melted by heating the liquid, but is passed from hand to greenhouse phenomenon called "mirror" (sublimation), hence the name "dry".
Dry ice is used to maintain safety and ensure the following:
• Touch dry ice can cause frostbite - wear protective gloves isolated.
• Dry ice CO2 vapor which releases high concentrations can cause breathing and choking. Therefore should be stored in dry ice
  and used it in a ventilated area.
• Do not store dry ice in a sealed container. Eddie the CO2 generated can cause increased pressure, to the splitting of the                     container.
• Keep dry ice away from children. Handling and carrying of dry ice allowed only skilled people only.
Dry ice orders: an order about one day have to fax in advance with contact information,
order information, delivery date and where. In addition, please contact the office to verify the arrival of the fax.