About Us

"AA group from management and marketing initiatives, Ltd." was founded by three brothers, Azoulay Family founder of Eilat. The company continues to invest in various fields such as food, commerce and real estate for rent.

Desert Ice Company was founded in Eilat at the end of 2005 by the founders of the city of Eilat Azoulay. Ice in the desert, is part of the AA from entrepreneurial management and marketing ltd. Currently desert ice distribution lines have regular full retirement in Eilat and the Arava. Ice can be found in the ice desert of all points of sale in Eilat.
The motto of the company is making available most of the ice cubes everywhere DESERT ICE Eilat.
Ice in the desert is the most stringent sanitary standards under supervision of health authorities of the partner country. Among the company's customers include the Ministry of Defense, bakeries, supermarkets, festivals, sporting events and convenience stores and kiosks and convenience stores throughout the city.
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